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Why choose the URV?

At the URV you are not merely a number. Our objectives are the same as yours: we want you to be given the best education, within the framework of the European Education Area so that you have greater mobility. During your time here, it is very important that you feel that you belong to a university community: this means no overcrowding in the classrooms and a teacher-student relationship based on proximity, through tutorials, individual meetings, etc.

At the same time, we strive to give our 52 programmes the highest quality possible by constantly introducing new teaching and learning methodologies. We put particular emphasis on practical training and seek to give it the same importance as theory. Likewise we are aware of the importance of the new technologies and attempt to make them available to you. A personal e-mail address and a card will give you access to all our services: computer rooms, libraries, academic processes on Internet, etc.

But we are also aware that university is not just about studying and you will be able to complement your academic education by sharing your leisure activities with your colleagues: the Sports Office, Theatre Group, Debating Society and the Choir, among others.