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Adaptation from a curriculum that has terminated to a new curriculum at the URV (recognition of master's degree credits)

  • ITEM: Recognition of credits obtained on official URV master's courses that have been terminated due to the creation of a new university master's degree, which are nevertheless recognized under the new URV master's degree for the purposes of obtaining the qualification.

Implementation course: 2024-25


Application procedure


The interested party or the authorized person on presentation of the necessary identification.


At the Secretary's Office of the Faculty/School where they are carrying out their studies.

The application can also be submitted via the online administrative procedures on the URV's intranet or the URV online registry.


Period: 2 May to 30 October.


By presenting the following documentation:


The recognition fee must be paid in order to carry out this procedure.


  • The studies carried out on the original course and the new course will be adapted and recognised using the tables established in the curriculum.

  • The URV must resolve requests for the subjects that have been completed and must ratify the recognition of subjects passed at other universities. The course programmes of subjects studied at other universities must be evaluated.

  • Under no circumstances will credits corresponding to final master's projects be recognized. 



Resolution of the application


The head of the Secretary's Office of the Faculty/School.


Whenever possible, when the application is made. At least five working days after, except for when the student's finals marks have still not been recorded.

* August is not considered to be a working month.


  • The interested party will be informed of the decision.

  • If necessary, the students' academic transcript will be updated automatically (students must be notified of any decision against them).

  • At the request of the students, recognized credits can be applied:
    - Entirely on tuition for the academic year in which the application is presented.
    - Partial, between the registration of the academic year in which occurs the application and enrolment for the following year.


Students will be exempt from paying 20% of the cost of the credit for any subjects that are recognized.


Students must register for other subjects that they need to study within the registration period.

Any credits that are not recognized will be transferred as a matter of course to the new transcript for purely informative purposes.

If once the curriculum has been adapted, the student wishes to reverse this process, the faculty/school can make the necessary arrangements; however, the student will still be liable to pay the initial curriculum adaptation fee. If the student has already completed the registration process for the old curriculum, the amount that student has paid for the credits for which he/she has registered will be automatically transferred to the new curriculum. However, the student will have to pay the administrative charges again.

If having registered for the old curriculum, a student asks to change to the adapted curriculum during the same academic year, the faculty/school can accept the request.

The student must register for the new curriculum and, once their registration is complete, the fees already paid by the student to register for the old curriculum will be applied to their new registration. However, the student must still pay the corresponding registration modification fees.

 If there are any differences between translations, the Catalan version prevails.