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Non-payment of fees

Doctoral students who do not pay their registration fees within the established period will have their registration temporarily suspended without the need for prior notification by the URV. To rectify this situation, a new invoice for the registration fees, including a surcharge, is generated for them:

  • During the three months after completing the registration process the surcharge will be 0%.
  • For each month after the third, the surcharge will be an additional 0,5% up to a maximum of 1,5%.

Non-payment of registration fees will have the following consequences:

a) Up to 15 September:

  • The University will not issue students with any certificates, academic transcripts, or their degree certificate.
  • They will have access to the URV's digital services, through which they will be informed of their non-payment of fees.
  • They will be included in the evaluation processes and can be graded.
  • Their grades will not have no official validity.

After the start of the registration period for the following academic year:

  • If you have any outstanding registration payments at the start of the registration period for the following academic year, you will not be permitted to register for the following academic year until you have made these outstanding payments.

Once a doctoral student rectfies their economic situation, their grades will be restored to full official validity. Doctoral students who miss any exam sessions while they are temporarily suspended will not have the right to repeat these exam sessions at a later date.