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Full annulment of registration for personal reasons up to a maximum of five calendar days after completing the registration process

  • ITEM: Cessation of the academic and administrative procedures relating to a previously completed registration with the consequent loss of the rights of examination and of the status of doctoral student and of the benefits attached to this status.

Implementation course: 2019-20 

Application procedure


The interested party or the authorized person on presentation of the necessary identification.


In the Secretary's office of the Faculty/School where they are carrying out their studies.


  • Up to a maximum of five natural days after registration.


By presenting the following documentation:


Students who cannot submit the application in person may do so via the online administrative procedures on the URV’s intranet.


Resolution of the application


Head of the Secretary's Office of the Faculty/School.


Whenever possible, when the application is made. At most natural 5 days after presenting the application and any necessary documentation.


  • The interested party will be informed of the resolution and, if appropriate, their academic transcript will be updated.

  • The annulment of registration will be recorded on the computer system.


  • If the student wants to annul their registration within five calendar days of completing the registration process, the secretary's office of the faculty/school will take the necessary steps and the student will only have to pay an administration charge. Once the administration charge has been paid, the student's registration will be annulled.

  • If the application for annulment is not presented within the established periods and the corresponding fees are not paid, the student will be required to pay these fees. Students in this situation will be temporarily suspended. Certificates and academic transcripts will not be issued to students while they are suspended. Suspended students may not resume their studies at the University in subsequent academic years until they have paid all outstanding fees. This is stipulated in the Decree on public prices and applies to all Catalan universities.


  • Students whose registration is annulled will lose their places and the registration will be null and void.
    • If they are new doctoral students, they must repeat the official pre-registration in order to begin any university course.
    • All other students who wish to continue their studies must apply to resume their courses during the academic year after the annulment. If after a full academic year they have not applied to resume their studies on the original programme, they will no longer permitted to do so. If they decide to undertake doctoral studies in the future, they must pre-register for a different programme.
  • New students will be returned the documents that they submitted when they registered.
  • If the doctoral student has applied for a grant, the secretary's office must inform the Academic Management Service.