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Other economic items

Item Description Fees current year
Adaptation (other studies/universities)


Recongition of credits
The students who have obtained the validation, adaptation or recognition of credits because of studies or activities in any university will pay 20% of the price of credit.

The students will be exempt of paying the percentage indicated in special cases related to curriculum planning of Bachelors that the university offers to students. These cases will be determined by the university with the approval of the Social Council.

The registration of required credits established by university to adapt the old curriculums to the new ones is free.

In case of the student registers of credits without teaching because of extinction of curriculum, must pay the full amount as long as the university offers a system of mentoring or teaching alternative. If the university does not offer tutoring or teaching alternative will pay 20% to the university.
Other services URV solidària: It is a voluntary contribution and can be effective at the time of registration. 6,00€
Management of academic transcript Fee for management of academic trascript per registration yearly. 69,80€
Modifications and extension of registration The student can apply to the centre, in the establishd period, make several changes to its inicial tuition. Also will be able to ask to enroll later. 27,27€
Issuance of documents fees Issuance of academic certificates 27,27€
Studies of academic transcript for the validation, adaptation, transfer and recognition of curriculum 54,54€
Transfer of academic transcript 54,54€
Application of study of validation/adaptation of curriculums not adapted to EHEA 54,54€
Study of equivalence of foreign qualifications from outside the European Union for admission to a master's degree 218,15€
Application for the study of the academic trajectory of graduates in foreign education systems from outside the European Union for admission to a master's degree 218,15€
Issuance of qualifications fees University degree certificate with Diploma Supplement and duplicate 218,15€
Diploma Supplement (DS) 32,75€
Issuance of authentic copies of official certificates and electronic certificates 30,00€