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UNESCO-URV Housing Chair

The UNESCO Housing Chair of Rovira i Virgili University was created by the University's Governing Council on the 11th of July 2013. It is the result of the research and projects on housing that the legal area had been working on since 1996 and which were backed by the Research Group on Access to Housing. The Chair's objective is to establish a stable platform for research, teaching and the transfer of knowledge on housing from an inter-disciplinary and international point of view. It is the first UNESCO Housing Chair in the world.

The worldwide economic crisis of 2007 has highlighted the importance of housing for both the economy and people. Housing is, in fact, the only good that is both an important financial asset and a human right.

Therefore, we organize our research in four pillars: housing as a human right, access to housing, management and organization of housing and housing as a financial asset. Our work has won the ICREA Academy Award 2016-2020.

The social impact of the research
in housing seeks to facilitate access to housing for families and prevent their loss. The evidence to date of its social impact is the contribution in the development of five housing laws, thus impacting 47 million people.