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(2023PIPF-FPI). Grants for predoctoral contracts for the training of doctors. State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research 2021-2023

Point 5.5 of the conditions of the call, where a material error has been observed in the first section of this article, is amended by resolution of the rector of 10 October 2023.

Being pre-registered in one of the doctoral programms, listed on Annex I, on the last day of submission of application, 13 October 2023, is an essential requirement to be admitted on the selection process. Not being pre-registered on the aforementioned date will mean the exclusion of the application. You can find the pre-registration form here

ATTENTION! The 'Ministerio de Universidades' has updated the link to access the document of declaration of calculated equivalence of marks for those candidates who have studied all or party of their undergraduate studies outside the Spanish education system  (reason of exclusion 2). You can obtain it at the following link: pagina - Ministerio de Universidades (sede.gob.es) REMEMBER! The period of resolution of errors ends on the 06 November 2023. 

ATTENTION! Selected candidates: to submit the necessary documents for hiring, you have to access to this link: https://www.sgr.urv.cat/cgi-bin/programes/application/inici.cgi?conv=2023PIPF-FPI-&fase=1&idioma=ENG

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