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What is Service Learning?

It is an activity that links community service to the learning of content, competencies, skills and values through reflexive practice.

Here you can find the institutional video about Service Learning.

Listen what the students think about in that video.

What benefits gives me the Service Learning as a faculty?

  • Enables you to use organizations in the community to help in their teaching and, potentially, to add a new dimension to their research.
  • Links teaching with the other two missions of the university.
  • Encourages interdisciplinary teaching teams.
  • Encourages teachers to play the role of mentor, guide or facilitator for learning advised by the EHEA.
  • Improves student participation and motivation.
  • Facilitates the training and assessment of competencies.

How can I incorporate Service Learning in my teaching?

According to the definition and elements of the Service Learning, students learning is always academic, which necessarily linked to the curriculum, with all that this implies for the purpose of planning, monitoring and evaluation of learning. Linking curricular options at the URV are: