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Computer and ICT Service


With the mission of managing the systems of information, the infrastructure and the services of communications of the URV, giving technical support for developing applications and optimizing the investment in technology, administering in a suitable way the risks and the opportunities associated to IT, the Computer and ICT Service provides for the University’s needs in the area of the information technologies. It designs and maintains the communications network, protects it from any threat, coordinates the e-mail system and executes programmes such as Xarxa Oberta and the remote access to electronic resources, which facilitate on-line work.


Director of the Service
  • M. Teresa Bordas Garcia
  • Av.Catalunya, 35 (campus Catalunya). 43002 Tarragona
  • 977 55 8219
 Administrative support
Responsible Infrastructures Area
 Responsible Innovation Area
  • Sergio Pasamontes García
  • Av.Catalunya 35 (campus Catalunya). 43002 Tarragona
  • 977 25 7892
Responsible Explotation Area
Responsible Attention Users Area