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Mobility students - OUT

Initial registration

If you are participating in institutional mobility programmes, when you complete the registration process you should answer “Yes” to the question on whether you are participating in a mobility programme. In the subjects included in the mobility agreement, you must check “Take this subject during a moblity programme”. 

You should check that the subjects that you register for coincide full with the subjects specified in the Learning Agreement.

Rectification of registration

The Regulations governing registration for bachelor's and master's degrees state that:

“If due to circumstances beyond the control of the student, the student is unable to study the originally intended subjects, the student must inform the mobility coordinator at the faculty/school, who will authorise the secretary's office to rectify the student's registration details.”

The rectification must take place no later than:

   - 30 November  →  first semester subjects 

   - 15 April  →  second semester subjects and annual subjects

Any other changes that a student wishes to make will be regarded as Modifications to registration.

"Additional Mobility Subjects"

Some students at the host university may wish to engage in extra activities in addition to those specified in the Learning Agreement. These activities are classified as "Additional Mobility Subjects". Such students can choose:

  - To register for the subject when registering for their other subjects. The subject should recorded in the academic agreement and selected during online registration.

  - Not to register for the subject before they go to the host university. If the mobility coordinator gives a positive evaluation of the subject when the student returns to the URV, the student can register the subject during the following academic year. The subject should be recorded in an annex to the Learning Agreement and marked as mobility.

Registration for following year

Students will be assigned a day and time on the basis of their academic transcripts (beginning of July). Consequently, if the host university has not provided all grades at this point, these will not be taken into account when making the assignation.

Once all grades from the host university have been recorded at the URV, students can rectify their registration records, if necessary.