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Information regarding the debiting of registration payments

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) regulations require you to provide certain information in order to pay your registration fees by direct debit. Therefore, when you register online you will need the following information:

  1. Name of the account holder
  2. Have the Bank account's IBAN
  • When you complete the self-registration process or complete the registration form for a fixed curriculum. To do this, on the "Validation of registration" screen of the automatic registration system, when you confirm your registration you also authorise the URV to charge fees to the account you have provided, and confirm that you are the account holder or that you have the express authorisation of the person who holds the account. If you are submitting a pre-prepared registration, you must tick the corresponding box when you complete the form.

1. Bank account holder

When you self-register online, if you are the holder of the bank account, click on "I am the holder of the bank account" and your details will be copied automatically.

If you are not the holder of the bank account, you must provide the following information about the holder: the type of identity document. The document may be a Spanish identity card (DNI), a Spanish foreign resident card (NIE) or a passport; the identity document number and the full name of the holder of the bank account

If you are a new student registering for a fixed curriculum you will provide this information when you complete the corresponding registration form.

2.IBAN of the bank account

The IBAN code for Spain consists of:

                * ES (country code for Spain)
                * a 2 digit control number
                * the 20 digit account number

Example: ES11 + 20 digits of your account number

 You can find out your IBAN code by:

  1. Asking your bank.
  2. Accessing your bank account online.
  3. Checking the code on any bills that you may have debited from your account.
  4. Checking your bank statements.