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University Senate

Edifici del Rectorat

C/. de l'Escorxador, s/n

43003 - Tarragona

University Senate is the supreme representative body of the university community. It consists of the rector, who is responsible for convoking meetings, the general secretary, the bursar and a maximum of 200 other members from among the members of the Rector’s Council not mentioned above, the deans and directors of faculties/schools, heads of department, directors of university research institutes, a representation of the teaching and research staff, students and administration and service personnel.

Some of the functions of the University Senate are to modify the University’s Statute, elect the representatives of the various sectors of the university on the University Senate, elect the University Ombudsman and receive an annual report, express opinions on particular aspects of the University and receive the rector’s annual report.

Contact details

+34 977 558 009 secgs(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat