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Vice-Rector for Teaching Projects and Students

Montserrat Pinent Armengol

The Vice-Rectorate for Teaching Projects and Students is responsible for innovation in teaching, teaching methodologies and educational resources and for student reception, student services, internships and academic orientation. It also promotes student involvement in university life and supports student associations and representative bodies.

Currículum Vitae

I was born in Barcelona in 1978 but have lived most of my life in Tarragona.

I studied my Degree in Biochemistry at the URV (1996-2000), and I did a PhD in the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (2000-04) of the URV. On completing my doctoral studies, I became an adjunct lecturer in that Department for several months before conducting a postdoctoral stay at Graz University of Technology (2005-07) with support from a Beatriu de Pinós scholarship from the autonomous government of Catalonia. Two years later I returned to the URV as an assistant lecturer (2007-12). Between 2012 and 2014 I was a temporary senior lecturer and since 2014 I have been a Serra Húnter senior lecturer.

I conduct my teaching responsibilities mainly on the bachelor's degree programmes of the Faculties of Chemistry and Oenology as well as on the Master's Degree in Nutrition and Metabolism. I have also directed or co-directed six doctoral theses, all of which have included the International Doctorate Mention.

Since 2009 I have held several university management positions, including Coordinator of the PhD programme in Nutrition and Metabolism (2009-14), Coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Coordinator of the Double Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (since 2014).

I am leader of the Molecular Bioactivity of Food (MoBioFood) research group. My research on the effects of food components on health, especially at the molecular level, has led to the publication of over a hundred articles in indexed international journals (index h = 29).