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Vice-Rector for Science Policy and Interdisciplinary Projects

Urbano Lorenzo Seva

The Vice-Rectorate for Science Policy and Interdisciplinary Projects coordinates research policy, the promotion and evaluation of research as well as scientific visibility and interdisciplinary research projects.

Currículum Vitae

Born in 1968, I hold a degree in Philosophy and Arts from the University of Barcelona. My academic career at the URV began when I became an instructor (1993-98) while completing my PhD at the University of Barcelona. I then became a temporary university lecturer (1998-2000) and a senior lecturer (2000-09) before becoming a full professor in 2010.

I have conducted my teaching activity mainly in the field of Psychology. However, I have also taught on the Diploma in Social Work (2001-09) and the Master's Degree in Nursing (2003-04). I have co-directed five doctoral theses.

I have been Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology (2001-04), Coordinator of the Licentiate in Psychology (2004-08), Coordinator of Internships for the Degree in Psychology (2001-08), Coordinator of the Master's Degree in the Evaluation and Measurement of Behaviour (2007-12), Coordinator of the Doctorate in the Evaluation and Measurement of Behaviour (2008-14), and Erasmus Mobility Coordinator for the Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (2012-17).

I have been leader of the consolidated research group Technological Innovations in the Measurement of Latent Traits (ITEM) since 2005 and am the author of over a hundred publications in indexed journals. The best illustration of my research career is the fact that since 2019 I have appeared on the list of the most prominent two percent of scientists in the world, according to a report produced by Stanford University (United States).