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General Manager

Elisenda Capella Roca

The general manager is responsible for managing the university's administrative services and its material and economic resources, in accordance with the regulations established by the board of trustees and the governing council. The general manager also fulfils any other functions conferred on her by the existing regulations, the statute and the regulations that carry them into effect, or entrusted to her by the rector.

Curriculum vitae

Born in Cambrils in 1978, after starting my career as an auditor for the company Arthur Andersen (currently Deloitte&Touche) and then moving on to the URV where I was responsible for the analysis of expenses for two years, I was head of the area of economic planning, coordination and control of the Office of the General Manager of the URV from 2005 to 2022.

I studied at the URV, where I completed a degree in Business Management and Administration (1997-2001). In 2001 I received an award from the Mollá Rudiez University Foundation for the best academic record of the Business and Management Degree (class 1997-2001). Later I studied an official Master's Degree in Industrial Organisation with a specialisation in Public Administration (2007-09), also at the URV.

I also studied a UNESCO postgraduate course in Higher Education Management (2010) at the UPC and another postgraduate course in Management Control and Accounting Management (2005) at the UPF.

As extra additional training, in the field of people management I studied the programme Influential Leadership. Up&Across at ESADE (2021) and the programme Self-leadership in Times of Crisis at ESADE (2021).

I have been at the URV either as a student or as a member of the administration and services staff since 2003.