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International Vision URV 2025

Since its foundation the Universitat Rovira i Virgili has concentrated its activities on addressing the needs and socioeconomic conditions of Southern Catalonia while simultaneously affording its educational, research and knowledge-transfer activities an international dimension.

Moreover, since the entry into force of the university's first (2009-13) and second (2014-19) Strategic Plan for Internationalization (the slogan for both of which was "URV: opening doors to the world and the region"), the URV has constantly and significantly increased its international presence. The objectives we have achieved by implementing the above Strategic Plans for Internationalization will now be consolidated and expanded with this document entitled International Vision URV 2025.
The URV has set 2025 as the year by which the actions and challenges established by the Internationalization Committee and other agents responsible for drawing up this document are to be implemented.

In short, this document will establish the essential axes that will enable the URV as an institution to meet the challenges presented by the continuous process of internationalization in our globalized society.