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Strategic Internationalisation Plan

The construction of the European Higher Education Area and the increasing competition at both the national and international level are obliging the URV to consider drafting a Strategic Internationalization Plan. This plan should provide a framework for all the actions that are currently being implemented and establish a common strategy.

Bringing about a change in the internal culture of our institution so that we are more open to the outside world is no longer a luxury: it is a necessity. The time has come to submit the internationalization of our university to debate so that we can plan how to grow. If we decide to wait, we may risk being too late.

By analyzing our current situation and respecting our history, we can all contribute to the international future of our University. What is more, the PEI is not an isolated element. It will take into account other plans (Teaching, Research, 3rd Mission) and, with them, help construct the future vision of URV 2019, which aims to make the Rovira i Virgili the university that we all want it to be.