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Full annulment of registration for personal reasons within five calendar days after completing the registration process

  • ITEM: Cessation of the academic and administrative procedures relating to a previously completed registration with the consequent loss of the rights of examination and of the status of student and of the benefits attached to this status.

Implementation course: 2024-25

Application procedure


The interested party or the authorized person on presentation of the necessary identification.


At the Secretary's Office of the Faculty/School where they are carrying out their studies.

The application can also be submitted via the online administrative procedures on the URV's intranet or the URV online registry.


  • Within a period of five natural days after registration.


By presenting the following documentation:



Resolution of the application


Head of the Secretary's Office of the Faculty/School.


Whenever possible, when the application is made. At most 5 days after presenting the application and any necessary documentation. August is not considered to be a working month.


  • The interested party will be informed of the resolution and, if appropriate, their academic transcript will be updated.

  • The annulment of registration will be recorded on the computer system.


  • If the student makes the annulment within five calendar days of completing the registration process, they must pay the transcript management fee and, if necessary, the academic career fee. Once these fees has been paid, the student's registration will be annulled.

  • To complete the requested annulment, you must have paid the corresponding part-payment of your registration fees.

  • If a student has paid for the registration before applying to annul, the fees for all credits registered and paid for, the learning support fee, insurance charges and voluntary services will be refunded, if applicable. 

  • If the fees are not paid within the established periods, the student will still be required to pay them and the annulment will not be granted. Students in this situation will be temporarily suspended. Certificates and academic transcripts will not be issued to students while they are suspended. Suspended students may not resume their studies at the University in subsequent academic years until they have paid all outstanding fees. This is stipulated in the Decree on public prices and applies to all Catalan universities.

  • Once the annulment comes into effect, are not entitled to a refund of the academic transcript handling charge, the academic pathway study fee, or the academic fee for validation, adaptation, transfer or recognition of credits that the student has requested. The amounts paid for validated or recognised credits will be refunded.


  • Students who registration is annulled will lose their places and the registrations will be null and void.

    • New students will be returned the documents that they submitted when they registered. Students must go through the pre-registration procedure again if they wish to begin any new university course.

    • All other students who annul their registration and who wish to continue their studies must make a formal request to do so.

  • In the case of a new student who has transferred their academic record from a previous course, if the annulment of their registration is authorised, the transfer of their transcript will not take place. The secretary's office will automatically return the transcript to the student's home university and inform the student.

  • If the student has requested a grant, this request will also not be granted. If the student has received any funding related to the grant, they must return it.

  • If the student registered with the status of grant applicant, they will lose this status when their registration is formalised.

 If there are any differences between translations, the Catalan version prevails.