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Skills school

Transversal skills are a fundamental part of your professional profile, as they allow you to differentiate yourself from other people with the same training and experience.

Alumni URV organizes workshops on professionals competencies will help you to improve key and interdisciplinary skills so that you can acquire the abilities needed to ensure day-to-day successWe look forward to seeing you!


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Webinars held

→ If you are a member of URV Alumni, you can watch recordings of the professional skills webinars (2021 and 2022) on the Intranet.

Sesions held

  • Webinar (virtual): Breaking with the impostor syndrome (03/16/2022 - catalan)
  • Workshop (face-to-face): Let us begin. The final step! Keys and tools for an optimized management of our time and our lives (03/28/2023 - catalan)        
  • Webinar (virtual): Introduction to Trello: how to have work under control without complicating your life (04/13/2023 - catalan)
  • Workshop (face-to-face): Speak in public confidently (05/10/2023 – spanish)
  • Webinar (virtual): Express yourself clearly, assertively and effectively (05/24/2023 – catalan)
  • Webinar (virtual): Public Speaking: Communicate to impact the audience (07/06/2023 – english)
  • Webinar (virtual): Emotional intelligence and empathy (21/09/2023 – catalan)
  • Webinar (virtual): Kanban: the solution for your daily productivity (05/10/2023 – spanish)
  • Webinar (virtual): Grow with change in just 4 key steps (19/10/2023 – catalan)
  • Workshop (face-to-face): Ingredients for building collaborative teams and conflict resolution (11/08/2023 – catalan)
  • Workshop (face-to-face): Learn to manage your attitude towards criticism (11/22/2023)
  • Webinar (virtual): Take the initiative and decide to act (11/29/2023 – catalan)

Thank you to all the alumni who have participated in our activities!
If you want to continue your training, check out the academic offer of the URV and the FURV!