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Master's Degree in Business and Contractual Law

Business and contracting are decisive for the forces that drive the region's economy: industry, commerce, real estate, services, agriculture and petrochemicals. This master's degree offers advanced training in the private law applicable to businesses and individuals.

The aim is to offer interdisciplinary training as an added value to meet the demand for specialisation and strategies in Spain, the EU and the world in times of growth or crisis. 

The Faculty of Law offers a special programme that allows to achieve simultaneouly the Master's degree in Legal Practice and other studies of law at master's degree level which allows to the legal especialization. For more information consult the website of the Faculty of Law.

Career opportunities

The programme provides students with fundamental knowledge for attaining professional excellence in various fields:

  • Corporate legal advice.
  • Independent legal advice to businesses.
  • External business auditing and consultancy.
  • Research in universities or research institutes.
  • Comprehensive business advice to domestic and foreign businesses.
  • Business arbitration.
  • Merit points in the Spanish civil service.
Master's Degree in Business and Contractual Law
Duration 60 ECTS credits - 1 year
Type Face-to-face or virtual
Timetable Classes are held in the afternoon/evening from Monday to Thursday (4 to 9 p.m.), for face-to-face students.
Work placement

Work placement is compulsory for students on the professional track. The placement assigned attempts to match students professional interests.

Language of instruction Spanish
Places Available 30
Participating institutions
  • Registrars of Spain
  • Association of Economists of Catalonia
  • Association of Notaries of Catalonia
  • Port of Tarragona
  • Bar Association of Tortosa
  • Garrigues
  • Bar Association of Tarragona
  • Association of Labour Relations Graduates of Tarragona
  • Bar Association of Reus
  • Business Confederation of the Province of Tarragona
  • Yxart de Moragas

Faculty of Law

Associated doctoral programme Law
Master's degree website

Master's Degree in Business and Contractual Law

Course dates

Master's degree starts in October

Master's degree thesis One call: June or September
Academic coordinator Dra. Maria del Carmen Gómez Buendia
Coordinator's email address mudec(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Administrative contact

Campus Catalunya Secretariat of for Academic Management
977 297 000


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