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Master's degree in Legal Practice - 4th edition

The main objective is to improve the professional skills of lawyers as important partners in the administration of justice, and thus to guarantee high-quality advice, legal defence and technical representation so that citizens can exercise the fundamental right to effective legal protection.

The Faculty of Law offers a special programme that enables students to simultaneously study the Master's Degree in Legal Practice in conjunction with another university master's course taught at the Faculty of Law and thus obtain a law specialisation. For more information please consult the Faculty of Law's website.

Career opportunities

Professional practice of law

Master's degree in Legal Practice
Duration 90 ECTS credits - One and a half years
Type Face-to-face

Professional. This master's degree qualifies students for regulated professional practice according to the access system (Law 34/2006,30th October)


The first-year classes are taught in the afternoon/evening from Tuesday to Friday and the subject Legal Practice is done outside the classroom usually in the afternoon
During the second year there is no face-to-face classroom teaching. The timetable for the subject "Work Placement in a Law Firm" will depend on the firm.

Work placement Compulsory
Language of instruction Spanish (50%), Catalan (50%)
Places available 50
Collaborating institutions Bar Association of Tarragona
Bar Association of Reus
Bar Association of Tortosa

Faculty of Law

Some of the teaching will be done at the bar associations. The theoretical sessions in May and June are expected to be in Bar Association of Reus and if there is a group of 5 students minimum, it could be moved to Bar Association of Tortosa.

Associated doctoral programme Law
Course dates

First course: from 27th September 2016 to 5th June 2017

Second course:  from 12th September 2017 to 5th February 2018

Teaching will start by mid-September 2016 and ends by mid-June 2017 (fist course) or end-September (second course)

Master's degree thesis Students who begin the Master’s Degree in the academic year 2015-16 will have to submit their thesis in January 2017.
Academic coordinator Dra. Ana Giménez Costa
Coordinator’s email address masteradvocacia(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Administrative contact

Campus Catalunya Secretariat for Academic Management  
977 297 000


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