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Proceedings after finishing Online registration

When finishing Online registration, you should keep in mind:

Printing the receipt

Must print the registration receipt, used to:

Checking registration data

In the receipt you will find information about the content of the enrolment.

The same receipt informs about the amount to pay, as well as the current account number to direct debit this amount.

Personal details

If you have changed of address, at the online registration time you can modify it. To check the current details, see Personal details.

The data updating is an important issue, because URV contact with the students through the address on the computer system.

Delivering material

URV offers to the registered students the following material:
- A folder
- A diary

Delivering system will be indicated from the centre.

Written proof of exemption of registration fees

If at the registration time did not record you had right to the exemption of fees, but you can proof it later, you should go to the Academic Management Service before finishing the term established by the academic and registration regulation of doctoral studies.

Types of exemptions:

- Large family, victims of terrorism, victims of gender violence, disabled minimum 33%.