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Informe de investigación e innovación

With the aim and desire to make university management accessible to everyone, we present a new document intended to collect the data that will help us stand out through the very things that make us more visible and different; namely our research and innovation.

Research is generated by the people who make up our university. While the activities of all URV staff members are important and help to position us as an important institution, the research staff who receive recognition for the excellence of their work in particular represent a model for attracting new and young talent. In this regard, Jordi Salas, Marta Sales and Lluís Marsal all received awards in 2021.

Throughout the year, URV researchers have intensified their efforts to attract funding. In this regard, the most significant funding came from the Horizon 2020 programme and the National Plan, the latter of which awarded 4.3 million euros thanks to the hard work and implication of our research groups. The URV was the fourth public university in Catalonia and the seventh in Spain in terms of attracting funding from the Horizon 2020 programme for permanent teaching and research staff. With regard to the COFUND programme, the 8 million euros raised have placed the URV at the top of the public universities.

In terms of scientific production, this report shows the effort and productivity that the URV staff has made during this time of pandemic. The overall figures continue to show a clear trend of improvement, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. This is shown by the more than 1,800 scientific publications indexed in international databases and the 183 Highly Cited Papers by our researchers.

In addition, in terms of innovation, the FURV's Centre for Transfer and Innovation has increased its income compared to previous years to €5,581k.

Thus, with the efforts and enthusiasm of all of our staff, we fully intend to continue in this line of growth by carrying out quality research and contributing all the knowledge that we generate to society through publications, transfer, co-creation, business and scientific dissemination. In doing so, we leave the general public and wider society as a whole in no doubt as to the fundamental contribution and great social impact that the URV has on all of us.

Josep Pallarès Marzal