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Master's Degree in Urban Anthropology, Migrations and Social Intervention -4th edition

This master's degree enables students to understand, analyse and intervene in the social and cultural life of a plural and constantly changing urban society, with special emphasis on migrations and cultural diversity.

The theory and methodology is largely taken from the fields of social anthropology and social work. The students receive training in urban anthropology; migrations and cultural diversity; and social intervention. The focus of the programme is interdisciplinary and it is designed to lead to a professional or research career.

Career opportunities

  • Social and cultural research
  • Social diagnosis and urban planning
  • Social intervention
  • Equality management
  • Immigration and integration management
  • Socio-cultural mediation
  • Social marketing
  • Cooperation
  • Socio-cultural leadership

Master's Degree in Urban Anthropology, Migrations and Social Intervention

Duration 90 ECTS credits - a year and a half
Track Research and professional

If there are sufficient students, three specialisations can be activated:

  • Urban Anthropology
  • Migrations and Cultural Diversity
  • Social Intervention


Timetable Afternoon/evening from 4 to 8 p.m. (two days a week, with some free weeks). You can check the timetable at Anthropology, Philosophy and Social Work Department website.
Work placement Students can choose to do a work placement (6 credits). The preferences of students are taken into account when selecting a place to work.
Mobility Mobility is not a condition of the master's degree but interested students are given the chance to visit another university, particularly with a view to preparing their master's thesis.
Language of Instruction Spanish, Catalan. The language used in class will adapt to the language profile of the students.
Places available 20
Collaborating Institutions Local authorities, health centres, NGOs, associations and schools collaborate in the practical training
Faculty Facultay of Arts
Associated doctoral programme Anthropology and Communication
Website of the master's degree Master's Degree in Urban Anthropology, Migrations and Social Intervention
Course dates September 2016 to June 2017
Master's degree thesis The master's degree thesis is drafted during the third and last quarter. The work must be submitted in February, but the students can choose to postpone the deadline to June or September if they wish.
Academic coordinator Dr. Maria Montserrat Soronellas Masdeu
Coordinator’s email address mariamontserrat.soronellas(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Administration contact details

Campus Catalunya Secretariat for Academic Management

977 297 000


Social networks twitter: @dafitsURV
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dafitsURV
Specific grants for this master's degree

This master's degree has a URV grant for international students and five grants for teaching assistants. These grants are announced in the month of March. You can find information on: www.urv.cat/masters_oficials/en_beques_edpd.html


Quality assurance

         Master's Degree thesis regulations