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"¿Vivimos en entornos sostenibles?" Conference at Faculty of Tourism and Geography of the URV

On Friday the 5th of April in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Tourism and Geography at the Campus Vilaseca of the URV was the space where Dr. Oscar Saladié, director of the DOW / URV Chair of Sustainable Development and Professor of the Department of Geography at the URV, gave the conference ¿vivimos en entornos sostenibles?

Was attended by students of the Institute Vila-seca well as students from the Instituto Los Colegiales of the andalusian town of Antequera who visited Tarragona as part of a school exchange project related to sustainability.

The conference analyzed the impact on the environment by socioeconomic activities (use of resources, land us and waste generation), stressing the need that we all have to make our development more sustainable.