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DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development - The URV Summer University

Offered Grants Decision for the URV Summer University Courses

Considering all the submitted requests, the DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development offers grants for the cours "La petjada ecològica de Catalunya: interpretació i aplicació a escala municipal" (2, 3, 4  i 5 de July 2012), coordinated by Dr. Joan Alberich, to the following students:

  • Meritxell Roselló
  • Alba Sentís
  • Rafael Colom
  • Rebeca Martín
  • Marta Màrtir
  • Olaya Gallego
  • Rosa María García
  • Luis Gómez-Calcerrada
  • Xavier Delclòs
  • Eduardo Arturo Laguens
  • David Mallol
  • Amalia Palacio
  • Beatriz Felipe
  • Sergio Posada

These students have to enroll specifying whether they want recognition of credits or not, not to make payment of tuition.