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Learning and Research Resource Centre (CRAI)


The Learning and Research Resource Centre (CRAI) is a dynamic setting accomodating all the information and IT services that support learning, teaching, research and the Third Mission; it is a resource structure with the students body at its core.

The CRAI offers a range of services provided by different university units. It is a place where students can receive general information (Student Information Centre, CAE), study languages (Language Service, SL), order documents (Library and Document Service), use computer resources (Computer and IT Service, SRIiTIC) or educational resources (Education Service, SREd), and keep up to date on educational innovations (Institute of Educational Sciences, ICE).

 Head of service

Roser Lozano

Av. Catalunya, 35 - 43002 Tarragona

 Tel. +34 977 558 182


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