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Friends of the URV

Advantages and services


As part of the registration process, you will be provided with a card accrediting you as a member of Friends of the URV so that you can take advantage of the services on offer. The card will be sent to new members by certified mail to the address on the registration form approximately 15-20 days after registration.

Please note: New subscribers will be considered to be members as soon as they have completed the registration and made any necessary payments. Even if you do not have the card, you can accredit the fact that you are a member by printing out the confirmation of registration by going to the section "Members' details" > "Subscription" > and clicking on "Confirmation"

Corporate electronic address (optional service)

URV e-mail address in the following format: name.surname@amicsiamigues.urv.cat. The link will give you access to the intranet.

Corporate communication (optional service)

Activation of the chance to be sent information about the various services and units of the URV.

Services of the Learning and Research Resource Centre (CRAI)

  • Access to the CRAI: Free access with the Friends of the URV card.
  • Loan of two A- or D-type documents: Members can borrow up to two type-A or type-D documents (basic bibliography or audiovisual documents, respectively). As a general rule, documents can be renewed a maximum of ten times, as long as nobody else has requested it. Basic bibliography documents are not included.
  • Loan of documents (exclusive service for URV retirees): URV retirees can borrow documents from the CRAI under the same conditions as the active administrative and teaching staff. As a general rule, documents can be renewed a maximum of ten times, as long as nobody else has requested it.
  • General and specific information: The CRAI staff can provide information about the services provided, procedures, etc.
  • Consulting the catalogue and the collection: You can consult the collection using the database or by going directly to the shelves.
  • Digital resources: You can use the web to consult scientific electronic journals and/or databases. Exclusive access from the CRAI computers.
  • Interlibrary loan (payment required): Documents can be borrowed form the associated libraries of other universities and organizations.
  • Access to computer room: Access to computer room and computers by specifying the user name and password you use to access the programme of the Friends of the URV.
  • Reprography (payment required) Self-service photocopiers in URV libraries and CRAI.

Computer resources

Access to wifi as a member of Friends of the URV from the premises of the CRAI.


Local URV network with access restricted to the members of Friends of the URV, where you will be able to consult information internal to the URV.

Language Service

Members have access to special prices for registering on the courses organized by the URV's Language Service, which are the same as those for students, and the administrative and teaching staff.

Invitation to cultural and academic activities

Members can attend all the events organized by the University for URV members.

Services offered by the University Community Service (SACU)

  • Accommodation Office: Information can be consulted at the restricted-access database of flats and rooms managed by the University Community Service (SACU).
  • Access to sports facilities and activities. Members can use the URV's sports facilities (Sant Pere i Sant Pau sports centre) under the same preferential conditions as the members of the university community. Further information at the website Esports URV.
  • URV cultural groups Members can join the cultural groups run by the University Community Service (SACU) (for example, the University Choir, Choral Society or Theatre Group.

Access to URV products

Access to the catalogue of products of the URV Shop. Electronic access from the University's website.

Financial services, associated with the card

Members can have the same advantages as members of the university community. The specific conditions can be consulted in the section "Agreements with financial institutions", on the Internet.

Discounts, if applicable, on URV activities

Members can enjoy discounts when registering on some activities organized by URV units.