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Languages at the URV

Languages at the URV

Catalan and Spanish are Catalonia's official languages. A total of 75.3% of the population speak Catalan and 95% understand it. Catalan is one of the ten most spoken and written languages in the European Union.

Catalan at the university

Catalan is the URV's own language and, therefore, it is the language used for institutional and administrative purposes. As far as teaching is concerned, the two official languages—Catalan and Spanish—are used. Lecturers have the right to choose in which language they express themselves and their choice must be respected.

The proximity between the Romance languages means that, in a relatively short time, students who already know one language can understand classes taught in Catalan. The fact that the Catalan used in teaching is scientific and technical makes understanding even easier. Even if a class is taught in Catalan, students are not required to use the language actively so they can intervene, take notes, write essays, do exams etc. in Catalan or Spanish, as they wish. And, on occasion, they may even be able to use English.

Would you like to know more? Consult: What's all this about Catalan? University language guide

Learn Catalan before you come

- Intercat. Intercat is a compendium of electronic resources to learn Catalan language and culture. It has been designed mainly with the mobility students who visit Catalan universities in mind.
- Learn Catalan at universities around the world. You can learn Catalan at your university before you come to the URV.

Learn languages at the URV

- URV Language Service

The URV Language Service organizes a wide variety of Catalan free courses for exchange students and Spanish courses for a reduced fee.

For further information write to infosl(ELIMINAR) or check the web

Language tandem

The Language Learning Centre in the CRAI on Campus Catalunya has a list of people who are interested in taking part in language exchanges.

If you are interested in practising your language skills by talking with another student, you only need to fill in the URV Conversation Exchange form, and the Language Learning Center will get in touch with you as soon as they find a conversation partner that matches your profile.

For those of you who would rather get directly in contact with each other, there is an Intercanvis Lingüístics URV Facebook page available. Write a new post on that wall specifying your name, the languages you can offer and the ones you would like to practise. You can also comment on someone else’s post or send them a private message in Facebook, in order to make arrangements and start your Tandem.

For questions or further information, please write to the Self-access Language Learning Centre specialist at the following email address:


SMiLE Programme

SMiLE is a joint coordination programme between the Department of English & German Studies (URV) and the Secondary Schools (INS) in Tarragona. It is coordinated by:

  • Elizabeth Russell: Department of English & German Studies, URV.
  • Mònica Escarcelle: Junior High School representative, Tarragona Education Department.
  • Susana de Llobet: International Centre, URV.

Advanced Spanish

The Center for Hispanic Studies of the URV offers Spanish language courses of 60 hours during one semester for levels B2 to C1. This Center is also running the official Examinations leading to the Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE). Take advantage of the opportunity to obtain these official qualifications with recognition around the world. Contact the Center for Hispanic Studies at ceh(ELIMINAR)

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