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Career of Geography

The career of Geography is diverse. Currently there are geographers working for Public Administration, teaching and private enterprises. Others exercise the profession freely. In 1999 was formalized the Col·legi Professional de Geògrafs for defensing on interests on an equal footing with other university graduates. Today the geographer sees increased his demand on:

Environmental Analysis, Environmental Impact Studies, Planning and Tourism Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Forecasting and Climatological Analysis, European Programs Managers, Local Development Agents, Managers of protected natural areas, Automtic Cartography and Photointerpretation, Technicians of the Public Administration (state, regional and local), Secondary School Teachers (professional and superior), Market Studies and Spatial Economic Analysis Studies.

The graduation in Geography and Regional Planning provides the  knowledge needed to enter ocupationally in the following areas:

  • Technologies on Geographical information: maps, toponymy, Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing, photogrammetry, and location systems.
  • Environment: management and control of natural areas, implementation of environmental quality systems, Agenda 21, and environmental audits, plans and risk prevention, environmental impact assessment, meteorology and climatology, environmental education.
  • Territorial Planning and Management: spatial plans, urban planning, mobility and other works related to land policy.
  • Knowledge society: dissemination of geographical knowledge in publishing and the Internet, promotion of tourist products, secondary education, or guidance and interpretation of the territory.
  • Socio-economic and territorial development: strategic management at the local and regional levels, management of local development, programming, management and evaluation of policies and public services, geomarketing, applied demographic studies, tourism development policies, and so on.

Some of the possible functions of a Geography and Regional Planning graduate are as follows:

  • Creation, update, contrast or verification of land information, and its expression mapping.
  • To implement, develop and manipulate geographic information systems.
  • To analyze, diagnose, monitor and evaluate phenomena and socio-economic processes.
  • To analyze and diagnose environmental processes, as well as planning and management of the environment and its resources.
  • To complete environmental and territorial impact assessments and studies.
  • To find activities or projects, and assess their impact on territorial structures and systems.
  • Economic, urban, sectoral, territorial and environmental planning and management.
  • Learning Geography at all levels of teaching.
  • Diffusion of geographical knowledge through the use of social media.