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Subjects and mobility coordinators at the URV

In this section you will find the subject lists of each field of studies and the teacher responsible for each of them.

Check the subjects that the URV offers through the following academic plans. Please note that academic plans for the 2020/21 academic year will not be available until July. Therefore you must base on the ones that we provide here to choose the subjects that you want to study in the URV.

Below we listed of all the Centers of the URV. Within each name of degree you will find access to the teaching guides for each area of studies, where you can consult the subjects that are offered. Entering each subject you will see: the content, the semester in which is taught (1Q= first semester, 2Q= second semester, Anual=annual subject), the schedules (dilluns=Monday, dimarts=Tuesday, dimecres=Wednesday, dijous=Thursday, divendres=Friday) and the language in which it is taught (CAT=Catalan, CAS=Spanish, ANG=English) anbd the classroom.

In some degrees you will also find an access to a document that includes the recommended subjects for exchange students.

The URV mobility coordinator is the teacher in charge of supervising your learning agreement, sign it and enroll the subjects. They can also help you with academic matters.

Check below all the academic plans divided in centers:

At the URV you can also study languages. The Language Service of the URV offers different levels of language courses. These courses do not belong to any academic plan (since they are extracurricular) so you should not include them in your learning agreement nor will appear in your transcript of records. If you want to get credits in your home university, the Language Service will give you a diploma for each language course you passed and with this diploma you must request the recognition of credits in your home university.

Take into account that the academic plans are approved in June of the previous academic year, so this information is being updated each June.

Faculty of education Sciences and Psychology - Campus Sescelades

Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education

Maria Carmen Julià Ferré

(+34) 977 55 8459

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

José Manuel Gavilán

(+34) 977 25 7896


Faculty of Arts - Campus Catalunya

General Coordinator

Natàlia Català

(+34) 977 55 9546

Bachelor's Degree in English Studies

Nune Ayvazyan

Office: 2.12

(+34 977 55 9450) 

Bachelor's Degree in History

Jose Ignacio Fiz

(+34) 977 558 143

Master's Degree in Advanced Reserach in Humanistic Studies

Jose Ignacio Fiz

(+34) 977 298 692

Secretary: Ana Gallego


Faculty of Chemistry - Campus Sescelades


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - Campus Vapor Nou

Bachelor's Degree in Medicine / Bachelor's Degree in Phisiotheraphy / Bachelor's Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

(Information only available in Catalan)

Montserrat Guardiola

(+34) 977 759 307

Ground floor

tuesdays and Thursdays from 16:00 to 18:00 h. (by appointment)


Faculty of Legal Sciences - Campus Catalunya

Bachelor's Degree in Law / Bachelor's Degree in Labour Relations and Employment /Bachelor's Degree in Social Work

(Information only available in Spanish or Catalan)

Useful information for exchange students

Nuria Torres

(+34) 977 558 313

Dean's office

By appointment


Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - Campus Bellissens


Faculty of Oenology - Campus Sescelades


Technical School of Engineering - Campus Sescelades

Course offer - School of Technical Enginnering (ETSE)

Subjects Offered in English

General coordinator from the ETSE

Antonio Moreno

(+34) 977 558 502

The subjects of the Master's Degree in Computational Engineering and Mathematics can not be chosed by exchange students, since they are virtual subjects coordinated by several universities. 

 Master's Degree in Computer Security Engineering and Artificial Engineering

Antonio Lazaro

(+34) 977 558 668

Office 348

By appointment


Technical School of Chemical Engineering - Campus Sescelades

Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural and Food Engineering / Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering / Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering

Catalan and/or Spanish is used in all subjects in Bachelor's Degrees with some exceptions (please, check the details of each subject in the upper links).

The following studies are taught in English: Master of Chemical Engineering, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. In other Masters English is used in most courses. Although some are given in Spanish, such as: Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Production, Technology and HVAC energy efficiency of buildings, Research Fluid Thermodynamics Engineering. Finally, the Master in Risk Prevention taught in Catalan or Spanish.

Allan Mackie

(+34) 977 559 674

Office 319

Martes y jueves de 10 a 13h.


Technical School of Architecture - Campus Bellisens


Faculty of Nursing - Campus Catalunya & Campus Terres de l'Ebre

Bachelor's Degree in Nursing

Campus Catalunya

Maria Jiménez

(+34) 977 299 418

Bachelor's Degree in Nursing

Campus Terres de l'Ebre

Mª Luisa Mateu

(+34) 977 519 145

Máster in Nursing Sciences Research

Campus Catalunya

Carme Ferré

(+34) 977 299 409


Faculty of Tourism and Geography - Campus Vila-Seca


EUSES (Affiliated Center) - Tortosa & Amposta


CESDA (Affiliated Center)


Contact us

International Center

+34 977 55 81 29

Avinguda Països Catalans, 17-19
43007 Tarragona

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