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Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Campus Sescelades
Marcel·lí Domingo, nÂș1
E-43007 Tarragona



The FICMA group is highly interested in developing methodologies and procedures for obtainment and use of new materials. From the technological and industrial perspective the most applied aspects of research at FiCMA are the development of protoypes through official patents. Some the below patents have been transferred to private companies:

Thin monocrystal layers of double tungstate of potassium and yttrium, lutetium or gadolinium partially dopped by ytterbium.
The method of growing as well as the applications for double tungstate of potassium and ytterbium partially dopped.
The device for detecting white bands in REFLECTASOL glass.
FiCMA and Royo Innova S.L. company patent a new photonic dispositive in order to dectect the date in chicken eggs.