化学研究 - Chemistry

招生计划. 学费 - Enrollment and tuition fees

Enrolment information leaflet
Enrolment information leaflet


如果你想申请URV的本科学位, 过程如下:

1.申请 (8月1号前)

如果已经通过高考但是还没被中国大学录取或者如果已经是中国大学的学生但是还没有通过任何课程。 如果已经是在中国大学登记的学生

认证高考成绩使其在欧洲有效。联系URV大学在中国的代表, 她将帮助你准备所需材料。联系人:
Ms. 石媛媛
Phone: 18862182550
Email: syy0909078@126.com

所有材料发送给学校秘书 secquim@urv.cat

如果材料完全正确, 有关负责人会通知你。所有材料 需要通过普通邮件方式发送到: Faculty of Chemistry. Secretary
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Campus Sescelades, Edifici N4.
C/ Marcel.lí Domingo, 1
43007 Tarragona, Spain
Telf. +34 977 558 600


  • 基于互联网的托福成绩90分或更高
  • 雅思成绩6分或更高
  • 大学英语4级 (CET-4), 120分或以上的高考成绩。

2. 决策 (8月1号到9月1号之间)

仔细检查过所提交的相关材料, 成绩和英语水平之后, 做出的决定后将通过邮件与学生沟通。

3. 录取 (9月1号到10月15号之间)

如果被URV录取, 应该开始准备签证, 预定在URV的住宿, 购买机票和抵达后所需支付的学费。对于这个程序, 我们强烈建议你们购买登记及欢迎礼包, 我们的中国代表将在整个过程中给予指导。


If you want to apply for the Bachelor at URV, the process has the following steps:

1. Application (before August 1st)

If you have passed the Gaokao but you are not a student at a Chinese University OR if you are a Chinese university student but you didn't pass any course. If you are already an enrolled student at a Chinese university

You should legalize your Gaokao to be valid in Europe. Contact the representative officer of URV in China and she will guide you on the preparation of the documents. The person in charge is:

Ms. 石媛媛br/> Phone: 18862182550br/> Email: syy0909078@126.com

You must fill the application form and attach your university certificates. The list of all necessary materials is in:

Send all the materials per Email to the secretary of the school: secquim@urv.cat

The person in charge will inform you if the documents are complete and correct. Once the documents are correct, they need to be sent per ordinary post to:
Faculty of Chemistry. Secretary
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Campus Sescelades, Edifici N4.
C/ Marcel.lí Domingo, 1
43007 Tarragona, Spain
Telf. +34 977 558 600

English certificate: The English certificates accepted by URV are:

  • Internet based TOEFL with 90 points or higher
  • IELTS certificate with band 6 or higher competence level
  • College English Text level 4 (CET-4) or Gaokao English examination with 120 points or higher.

2. Decision (between August 1st and September 1st)

After the careful examination of the proper documents submitted, the grades obtained and the English level, a decision is issued and communicated to you via Email.

3. Enrolment (between September 1st and October 15th)

If you have been accepted for studying at URV, you need to start to prepare the visa, book your accommodation at URV, buy your flight and pay your tuition fee upon arrival. For this process, we strongly recommend you to purchase the Enrolment and welcome package, and our representative in China will guide you during the whole process.

Working in Europe fair


课程方案 每学年价格 (60 学分)
化学学士 3,500 €
合成,催化和分子设计硕士(英文) 4,000 €
纳米科学,材料和工艺:化学前沿技术硕士 4,000 €
化学科学与工程博士 1,000 €
营养与代谢博士 1,000 €
纳米科学,材料与化学工程博士 1,000 €
保险和医疗援助(所有学生) 290 €
预先注册(仅用于硕士学习) 30 €
登记和欢迎礼包(选项,强烈推荐) 500 €


  1. 帮助准备报到前所需文件
  2. 支持出发前在中国签发签证
  3. 提供父母来访证件
  4. 去机场接机并送到宿舍。
  5. 化学系登记流程和个人学业指南。
  6. 陪同办理 (获得在西班牙所需材料, 比如居留证, 健康卡, 手机, 银行账户,...)
  7. 帮助寻找适合的住处。
  8. 塔拉戈纳文化之旅。
西班牙语课程 (选修) 560 €


  1. 时长:从十月到第二年四月
  2. 时间:每周三个小时共24周=72h
  3. 学生人数: 最少10名学生
  4. 课堂教学与辅导。
  5. 两个在巴塞罗那博物馆的导游服务, 门票/组织活动。
  6. 教材
  7. 准备全国性西班牙语证书考试
  8. 该课程的官方文凭。


由于URV大学并不位于巴塞罗那中心地带, 所在地区的优点是生活费不是很高。生活费估计为:

住在大学宿舍(包括三餐): 5,800 €/学年 (大约)
住在市区(包括交通费与三餐): 4,000 €/学年 (大约)

Tuition fees

Course Programs Price per academic year
Bachelor in Chemistry 3,500 €
Master in Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Design (English) 4,000 €
Master in Nanoscience, Materials and Processes: Chemical Technology at the Frontier 4,000 €
PhD in Chemical Science and Technology 1,000 €
PhD in Nutrition and Metabolism 1,000 €
PhD in Nanoscience, Materials and Chemical Engineering 1,000 €
Insurance and medical assistance (for all students): 290 €
Pre-inscription (for Master Studies only) 30 €
Enrolment and welcome package (optional, highly recommended) 500 €

The welcome package includes:

  1. Help on the preparation of the documents before arrival
  2. Support for issuing the visa in China before starting.
  3. Issuing certificates for parents visit
  4. Pick-up at the airport and transport to the residence.
  5. Enrolment process at the Faculty of Chemistry and personal academic tutorial
  6. Personal accompaniment (to obtain the documents needed in Spain, such as NIE, health card, mobile phone, bank account,…)
  7. Help to find suitable accommodation
  8. Cultural visit in Tarragona
Spanish course (elective) 560 €
  1. Duration: From October till April
  2. Hours: 3 hours per week for 24 weeks = 72 h.
  3. Number of students: Minimum, 10 students.
  4. Classroom teaching and mentoring.
  5. Two guided tours in Barcelona museum tickets / organized activities.
  6. Teaching materials.
  7. Preparation for the examination to the National Spanish language certificate.
  8. Official diploma of the course.

Living costs

The area where the URV is located has the advantage that the cost of life is not very high, as it is not located in the heart of Barcelona. The estimated costs of life are:

Living in the university dormitory (includes meals) 5,800 €/academic year (aprox.)
Living in the city (includes transportation and meals) 4,000 €/ academic year (aprox.)