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Geography Department

Research Group on Territorial Analysis and Tourism Studies (GRATET)


The research activities of the group focus on spatial analysis, regional development dynamics and the application of instruments and techniques for cartographic analysis and GIS in the study of territorial processes. Within this, our research centres on three main thematic lines of research: the study of tourism activity, spatial analysis of local and regional development dynamics and cartography and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Our group comprises mostly geographers although also includes staff with other academic training, such as sociology, economics and tourism studies. We have an academic background drawn from the social, economic, environmental and other aspects of tourism with a wide range of academic and professional qualifications.

From its inception in the early 1990s, the Group has received competitive research funding and mobility support from a range of institutions, including:

  • European Union (programs MedCampus, Raphael, Tempus, ESPON)
  • Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
  • Spanish Agency for International Cooperation in Development
  • Government of Catalonia
  • URV Science and Technology Park for Tourism and Leisure
  • Rovira and Virgili University

The Group participates actively in the development of the Science and Technology Park for Tourism and Leisure of the URV, in the area of the analysis of tourism and space (local tourism systems, mamagement of destination growth and transport / mobility) and the research and knowledge transfer activity carried out by the Cartography and GIS Laboratory in the Department of Geography at the URV.

GRATET has hosted a number of renownwd international scholars as visiting professors, including Greg Richards (University of Tilburg, 2003), Noam Shoval (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2007) and Eduardo Salinas (Universidad de la Habana, 2010).

Download the full GRATET curriculum here ►