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Campus Sescelades
Marcel·li Domingo, s/n
43007 Tarragona
Current research lines of EMaS
Research Group: Nanoelectronic and Photonic Systems
Coordinator: Dr. Lluís Marsal
Research Lines:
  • Fabrication and functionalization technologies of “band gap” photonic materials
  • Modelitzation and characterization of “band gap" photonic materials
  • Physical models development for advanced electronic devices: thin layer transistors, nanometric MOSFETs and advanced devices based on Silicon
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Research Group: Physics and Crystallography of Materials
Coordinator: Dr. Francesc Díaz
Research Lines:
  • Photonic devices development
  • Design, fabrication and characterization of laser crystals, NLO crystals and photonic crystals
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Research Group: Microsystems and Nanotechnologies for Chemical Analysis
Coordinator: Dr. Eduard Llobet
Research Lines:
  • Design, modelization, fabrication, characterization and testing of new materials for microsensor systems
  • Development of pre-concentrator microsystems
  • Development of advanced methods for signal conditioning and processing
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Research Group: Physics and Crystallography of Nanomaterials
Coordinator: Dra. Magdalena Aguiló
Research Lines:
  • Design, fabrication and characterization of epitaxies, nanoparticles and nanostructured materials for optics and photonics
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Research Group: Catalytic Materials in Green Chemistry
Coordinator: Dra. Pilar Salagre
Research Lines:
  • Use of new technologies for catalysts preparation: microwaves and ultrasounds
  • Environmental and Industrial Catalytic Applications
  • Preparation of metal oxide and metal nanoparticles to be applied in photonic and optical devices
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Research Group: Heterogenic Catalysis
Coordinator: Dr. Jesús Sueiras
Research Lines:
  • Fabrication and characterization of materials with catalytic interest
  • Green chemistry and environmental catalysis
  • Design of catalytic reactors
  • Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials
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Research Group: Experimentation, Computation and Modelitzation on Fluids Mechanics and Turbulence
Coordinator: Dr. Francesc Xavier Grau
Research Lines:
  • Modelization and simulation of industrial and environmental fluxes
  • Modelization of the turbulence
  • Heat and material transfer
  • Computational and experimental techniques in fluids mechanics
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