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I-Global: Students

Application, documentation and procedure

Students must submit the URV I-Global Student application form to the International Center of the URV within the specified period (see section on courses and academic information). The application form should be completed, scanned and sent to the following email address: iglobal(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat. Please enclose the following required documentation:

 Once the International Center receives this documentation, it will pass it on for evaluation by the URV school or faculty at which the student wishes to study. The dean or director of the school/faculty will sign the application form to confirm the student’s admission or rejection and will send this document and a scanned copy to the International Center.

The International Center will notify the student by email about this decision, and if the student has been admitted, they will receive instructions regarding the online registration process and other administrative procedures and the contact details of the student’s mobility coordinator for academic inquiries.

I-Global Students arriving at the URV must meet their mobility coordinators to discuss their learning agreements. Once the coordinators have approved the learning agreements, the students must register at the relevant URV school or faculty.

Students must register online as URV mobility students in accordance with the instructions given to them by the International Center and their mobility coordinators.


Applying for Admission

Follow the instructions and send to iglobal(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat the following documents:

·         Application Form

  • Letter of interest

  • Transcript of Records

Deadline for I-Global students to apply for admission

1st Term/Full academic year: 1st June 2020

2nd Term: 1st November 2020

Deadline for URV to notify students of admission

1st Term/Full academic year: 21st June

2nd Term: 21st November


After you have been admitted, the URV will send you an email with the official acceptance of your application duly signed by the dean o director of the relevant URV faculty/school. We will also provide you with the name and email of your URV mobility coordinator.

URV online pre-registration

After you have received the admission acceptance, you should complete the URV online pre-registration form, specifying your type of mobility, in this case I-Global student, and following the listed steps.

Pre-registration period

1st Term/Full academic year: 1st June 2nd Term: 1st November

Website for registration

urv.moveonfr.com/form/604210fb24011e086a064371/engOnline registration

Registration documents + taking out mobility health insurance directly from the company

I-Global students must complete an online application form and attach the required documents.

·         Online Application

·         Learning Agreement

·         Academic Transcript of Records

·         Colour passport photo

·         ID/Passport

IMPORTANT! I-Global students must take out the URV’s health insurance for exchange students directly with the insurance officer: tecnico(ELIMINAR)@erv.es. Students studying at the URV must take out the insurance policy with the number 07690001058

Contact us

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