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I-Global: Students (in extintion)

Academic Information

It is important to emphasise that students who undertake an I-Global study visit will not have the right to any qualification or official academic recognition from the URV.

Studies offered at the URV



Subjects offered in English and in Spanish for I-Global students

In English  (2019-20)

Bachelor's Degree subjects taught in English

Master's Degree subjects taught in English

In Spanish (2019-20)

 Bachelor's Degree subjects taught in Spanish/Catalan (the professor can select the language of instruction that he/she prefers)

 Master's Degree subjects taught in Spanish/Catalan (the professor can select the language of instruction that he/she prefers)

Subjects offered in English may be subject to changes due to organisational reasons. Therefore students should always confirm this information with the Coordinator of the URV Faculty/School where their courses are taught.


The clinical practicum is not available for I-Global students.

Students are recommended to register for a minimum of 12 credits

Academic Calendar

1st Term:21th September 2020 – 5thFebruary 2021

2nd Term: 8th February 2021 – 21st June 2021

More information


Christmas: 21th (TBC) December 2020 – 6th January 2021

Easter: 29th March -5th April 2021

Arrival and welcome session

I-Global students will receive the information at the welcome sessions for mobility students. We recommend that students attend these sessions so they can receive practical information about the university and its services.

1st Term: Mid September 2020

2nd Term: Beginning February 2021

Languages of instruction

Spanish, Catalan and/or English

Language Requirements

Level B1 in Spanish/Catalan/English is recommended for attending subjects taught in these languages.

Level B1 in Spanish is mandatory for the Bachelor’s Degrees in Geography, Tourism, Law, Social Work and the Bachelor’s Degree of Labour Relations and Employment.

Level B2 in Spanish is mandatory for the Bachelor’s Degrees in Hispanic Studies, Publicity and Public Relations, Journalism, Physiotherapy and Medicine.

Level B2 in English is mandatory for the Bachelor’s Degree in English Studies and the Master’s Degrees taught in English.

A C1 official certificate of English or a personal evaluation by the coordinator is mandatory to attend higher courses of the Bachelor’s Degree of English and the Master’s Degree in Professional English-Spanish Translation/ Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign and Second Language.

A C1 official certificate of Spanish is mandatory to attend the Master’s Degree in Teaching Languages: Spanish as a Foreign Language, Professional English-Spanish Translation and General Health Psychology.

Language Courses

1st and 2nd Term language courses:

- Catalan elementary level: Free for mobility students.

- Spanish elementary level: Reduced price for mobility students (95€ approx. per academic year).

- Other languages

Contact details and more information

Address: Av. Catalunya, 35

Tel: 977 55 83 72 / 977 55 83 59

Email: infosl@urv.cat  

Meeting your mobility coordinator

Arrange a meeting with your mobility coordinator in order to check the learning agreement and the language of tuition and receive the coordinator’s instructions regarding formal registration at the Secretariat of the School/Faculty.

Before your departure/certificate

Arrange a meeting with your mobility coordinator in order to check when you can have your final grades. The secretariat of your School/Faculty will give you a certificate with this information (you need to have completed all the academic and payment procedures to obtain the certificate).

Check with the secretariat of the School/Faculty to see if you can have the certificate before departure. If not, tell them when, how and where they can send you the certificate of your grades.

Students who need a certificate of their stay must send an email to mobility.in(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat.

Grading System


Once the student’s period as an I-Global student has finished, the secretary's offices of the centre will provide a document certifying the grades obtained and/or a certificate stating the dates of the visit.

Grading system

Spanish grading system is based on a 1 to 10 scale

Less than 5: FAIL – considerable further work required

From 5.0 to 6.9: AVERAGE

From 7.0 to 8.5: ABOVE AVERAGE

From 8.5 to 9.9: EXCELLENT

MH: Distinction

NP: Absent  

Contact us

International Center

+34 977 55 81 29

Avinguda Països Catalans, 17-19
43007 Tarragona

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