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3rd Social Marketplace

The Social Marketplace is an event aimed to make easier the collaboration between social entities and the university in the context of the Program of Learning Service. That's an act included in the Strategic Plan of the Social Council of the URV. 

Thanks to the two last successful editions on the part of the entities, the Service Learning Program developed the Digital Catalogue of Projects aimed to the students and faculty. This catalogue is composed by most than 100 projects of social cultural and environmental nature with potential interest for titulations from any field of knowledge.

In this 3rd edition of the Social Marketplace will be presented the Digital Catalogue of Projects to the students and faculty of the URV. Also the entities of Reus will present new projects to develop by the students as a Final Project of Degree and Master in the academic course 2016-17.

The 3rd Social Marketplace is an act included in the Specific Actions of Education of the ICE-URV.