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Service Learning Experiences in the Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering


  • Coordinator: Clara Salueña Pérez (clara.saluena@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Social Gardens URV
  • Summary: This project offers students the chance to get involved in hydraulic engineering by working in teams to provide solutions to the challenges relating to the distribution and management of water for the URV's Social Gardens. The gardens are an environmental and social innovative project in which members of the university community work with socially vulnerable groups in an setting that fosters culture of protection, conservation and environmental sustainability. According to the water needs of orchards and rainfall in Tarragona, we measure a tank capacity of 50,000 liters and decided the location, sizing the collector pipes, pumping equipment and drafted the budget. The expense became unviable and was considered the need to rethink it to study how to reduce it.

Mechanical technology

  • Coordinator:  Albert Fabregat Sanjuan (a.fabregat@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Institute El Palau, Institute Compte de Rius, Institute Pere Martell
  • Summary:  In this Service Learning experience the students of the Degree of Mechanical Engineering design project and its manufacturing process so that the students of the "Formative cycle of mechanical manufacture and welding" of the El Palau Institute carry out the manufacture of the equipment as synthesis credit. This project brings benefits for both parts. On the one hand, grade students have the opportunity to build the equipment they have designed, being in contact with expert teachers in manufacturing. On the other hand, the students of the "Formative cycle of mechanical manufacture and welding" can make a synthesis module with the collaboration of the degree students. This project stimulates the students while a more adapted teaching is carried out to the European Space of Higher Education and an activity of the third mission of the University is carried out.
  • Award of the Social Council of the URV to the Teaching Quality for the project Teaching with added value. Single modality. Professor Albert Fabregat Sanjuan.