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Service Learning Experiences in the Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Accounting

Final project - Funding strategy for an air workshop

  • Coordinator: Jordi Andreu Corbaton (jordi.andreuc@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Kstiga2 Association
  • Summary: The project was presented at the 1st Social Projects Marketplace, held at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Reus and was developed the academic year 2014-15. The aim was to set up a room for aerial activities (vertical dance, abseiling, etc.) for enthusiasts and members of the association but also for people with physical disabilities. Students worked on drafting a study that helps the association to analyze the feasibility of carrying out such activities. The student made a study that helped the association to analyze the feasibility of carrying out these activities through a plan of air activities in the dependencies of the association. That included a study of the costs and the financing systems of the activities, as well as a financing proposal.

Final project - Cost of mobile units campaigns

  • Coordinator: Maria Araceli Rodríguez (araceli.rodriguez@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Blood and Tissue Bank
  • Summary: The Blood and Tissue Bank manage the whole blood process, from the moment of donation to the final transfusion, for many of the major hospitals in Catalonia. Using the experience accumulated, this project aimed to: (i) determine the cost of each of the mobile unit campaigns; (ii) design indicators to compare the efficiency of each of these campaigns; and (iii) provide managers of the mobile unit with a computer tool that allows them to update and manage the economic information about the service so that they can improve future management of the budget and organize blood donation campaigns. It was an interdisciplinary project carried out jointly with the Degree in Business Administration the academic year 2014-15.

Final project - Study on the tax regime governing sponsorship 

  • Coordinator: Lluís Carreras Roig (lluis.carreras@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: La iMAGInada, Cultural association
  • Summary: This study arose from the 2nd edition of the URV's initiative entitled the Social Projects Marketplace adn was developed the academic year 2015-16. The iMAGInada, Cultural association needed advice to ensure that it can adapt appropriately to new taxation rules regarding sponsorship and to determine the impact that such changes might have on its activities. Consequently, the association needed information on the tax regulations applicable to both donors and itself, on the funding that may be obtained from sponsors and on the accounting obligations that the receipt of such funding will incur.

Final project - Study on financial products

  • Coordinator: Jordi Andreu Corbaton (jordi.andreuc@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Interregional Association of Consumers and Users of Catalonia
  • Summary: This study arose from the 2nd edition of the initiative entitled the Social Projects Marketplace which was held in Tarragona and was developed the academic year 2015-16. This project focused on the topic of microcredits in order to address the concerns raised by the Association regarding abusive or inadequate loans the difficulties faced by some people when obtaining credit. The emphasis was on the legislation governing microcredits, breaches of basic consumer rights, microcredits compared with other sources of financing and the effect of interest on outstanding capital.

Final project - Designing a recruitment plan for financial partners

  • Coordinator: Laia Pié Dols (laia.pie@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Fundació Mossén Frederic Bara i Cortiella
  • Summary: The aim of this project of the academic year 2018-19 was to create a marketing plan with a schedule of activities for recruiting financial partners for socio-educational projects in a not-for-profit organization that cares for young people aged from 4 to 16 who have few socio-economic resources. Students collaborated to produce a document that will help the Foundation to design an advertising plan for recruiting collaborators who may be able to provide regular or occasional financial support.