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Official Master´s Degree: Frequently-asked questions

Life at the URV

  • Is obligatory health insurance included in the enrolment fee?

On an obligatory basis, all students under the age of 28 are covered by student insurance. Students are automatically insured when they enrol, when they pay the pertinent annual contribution (€1.12).

  • Where can I go if I need medical attention?

The approved centres are:

Hospital de Sant Pau i Santa Tecla
Rambla Vella, 14. Tarragona
977 259 900
Hospital Universitari Sant Joan de Reus C/ Sant Joan, s/n. Reus
977 310 300
Hospital Comarcal de Mora d'Ebre  C/ Benet Messeguer, s/n. Mora d'Ebre
977 401 863 
Centre Mèdic Quirúrgic Reus, S.A.  C/ Gaudí, 26. Reus
977 316 301 
Reddis Unio Mutua  C/ Roser, 107. Reus
977 127 832
C/ Joan Baptiste La Salle, 5. Tortosa
977 449 044 
Clínica Psiquiàtrica Bellavista  C/ Rovira Roure, 116. (Ctra. de Huesca). Lleida
973 231 698

 The co-operating centres are:

Pius Hospital de Valls Plaça Sant Francesc, s/n. Valls
977 613 000
Hospital Universitari de Tarragona Joan XXIII C/ Doctor Mallafré Guasch, 4. Tarragona
977 295 800
Hospital Verge de la Cinta de Tortosa C/ Esplanetes, 44. Tortosa.
977 519 100

If a student wishes to choose another healthcare centre, they must pay for any difference in the cost of treatment above those at approved centres.

  • How can I find out about accommodation?

The accommodation office

Residences and hostels

  • What is the average amount needed to cover an academic year in Tarragona?

About €7,000 in a shared flat.

  • What university services does the URV offer?

University services

  • What leisure activities does the URV offer?

As well as studying