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Degree in Techniques for Developing Web and Mobile Applications

The aim of the degree in Techniques for Developing Web and Mobile Applications is to teach students how to develop software for web and mobile environments by following proven and effective methods that solve complex problems in the business world.

Students on this degree will learn how to develop programs for web and mobile environments by using the most suitable programming languages ​​and applying the best solutions to each problem. Their compulsory internships will also help graduates to enter the labour market more smoothly and easily.

Available places



Catalan, Spanish and English


We are looking for students who are interested in software programming and who would like to work in a sector that provides a high proportion of job offers for computer science graduates. Students interested in taking this degree should therefore have an aptitude for technology and, especially, for computer programming.

There are many reasons for taking this degree at the URV.

  • For example, it is the only degree in Spain that allows you to specialise in programming for web and mobile device applications.
  • We attach great importance to the professional nature of these studies. You will have the opportunity to conduct your internships (18 ECTS) and end-of-degree project in a program development company. We enjoy the support and commitment of ICT companies from the Tarragona area.

This degree places special emphasis on tasks related to web and mobile devices in order to provide you with the qualifications you need to work as a programmer in the companies of this sector