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Doctoral Management Processes - Management of Administratives Procedures

Transcript transfer for the defence of a doctoral thesis

Application procedure:
Who: The students or duly authorized persons who have registered for their thesis tutorial and/or registered their thesis (proposal) in another university and wish to hold their oral examination in the Rovira i Virgili University, in accordance with Royal Decree 56/2005 or RD 1393/2007.
Where: At the secretary's office of the department to which the body responsible for the doctorate belongs.
When: At least six months before the planned date of the oral examination.

Presenting the following documents:

Transcript transfer application form.
• The academic transcript of the doctoral studies completed. The document should contain data about the Official Postgraduate Programme that the student has studied, the student’s entrance information, the years that the student has registered thesis tutorial and, if applicable, the date on which he/she registered the thesis proposal.
• If the student has registered the proposal at the home university, he/she should also supply a certificate of the research line assigned and the supervisor.

Remarks: The department will inform the coordinator of the doctorate and will hand over the documentation presented by the applicant.

Monitoring the application:
Who: The body responsible for the doctorate.

1) Appraising the applicant’s research line and thesis supervisor and proposing to authorize the transfer, if appropriate.
2) Proposing to authorize the transfer and assigning the student to a programme, if appropriate.
3) Sending the following to the Academic Management Service:
• The transcript transfer application presented by the student, signed by coordinator of the doctoral programme.
• All the other documentation presented.

When: As soon as the responsible body has taken a decision.

Resolution of the application:
Who: Vice-Rector for Postgraduate Studies and Lifelong Learning.
When: When the documentation has been received and appraised.
How: By sending a copy of the application and attaching the transfer authorization to the body responsible for the doctoral programme and the student.
   • When the student receives the notification, if required, he/she will have to pay the fees for transferring the transcript to the home university, register the doctoral thesis proposal at the URV and register every academic year for thesis tutorials until the date of the oral examination.

 • As far as the registration of the thesis proposal and other procedural norms are concerned, these students will be subject to the general rules and regulations governing the host university and the department to which the thesis supervisor belongs.

 • The student will be awarded the degree of doctor by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili.