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DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development - Green Ambassadors

Green Ambassadors: Òscar Saladié (DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development) and Lluc Torcal (Prior of Poblet) reflect on the ecological reconversion model of the monastery of Poblet.

On Friday, 14th December 2012, Òscar Saladié (Director of the DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development), travelled to the monastery of Poblet (Conca de Barberà) where he met Llul Torcal, Prior of the monastery. The aim was to discuss environmental issues and about the (little) sustainability of the socio-economic activities.

Under the direction of Prior, the monastery of Pblet has implemented some initiatives in order to reduce the energy consumption, water consumption and waste generation.

This meeting was held in the framework of articles under the title "A dues veus", which are published in the newspaper “La Vanguardia” (supplement Tarragona) by journalist Jordi Baró.

Source: La Vanguardia, 04/01/13