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Conference "Waste management in Catalonia from the perspective of spatial planning"

On Monday 10th June 2013, Dr. Òscar Saladié , professor in the Department of Geography at the URV and director of the DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development, spoke on " The waste management in Catalonia from the perspective of the spatial planning. " This conference was held in the framework of the research stay that Dr. Saladié been done in the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla (Mexico), specifically within the Environment Interdisciplinary Program ( PIMA ) directed by Dr. Benjamin Ortiz.

In this talk explained the model of waste management at the municipal level in Catalonia in order to compare this management with which takes place in Puebla. It affected the Programme for Municipal Waste Management in Catalonia (PROGREMIC) and Sectorial Territorial Plan Infrastructure Waste Management (PTSIGR) , developed from the Generalitat of Catalonia . Also mentioned waste management was done in Catalonia until the second half of the 90s of XX century.