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DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development - Chair's record of activities

Year 2013

Year 2012

Year 2011

Year 2010

Year 2009

  • January - February: Talk “Demography and Sustainability” within the seminar “Equity and Sustainability; Humanistic, Scientific and Educational Perspectives” (PDF)
  • January - March: Conference Cycle “Human Rights and Sustainability” at the municipal libraries network of the Tarragona Province Council to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (PDF)
  • April: Sponsorship of “Course of Green Chemistry” (PDF)
  • June - July: URV Summer University Course “The Sustainability, an Answer to the Economic Crisis” (PDF)
  • June - August: Compilation of a Database of press articles about sustainable development
  • September - October: Photographic exposition “A Global Family Portrait” by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio (PDF)
  • October: Cooperation with the “I COODTUR Congress” (International Network of Research into Tourism, Co-operation and Development) sponsoring the paper of Mimoun Hillali, lecturer at ISIT (Institut Supérieur International du Tourisme of Tangier, Morocco) (PDF)
  • November:
    • Announcement and awarding of a Collaboration Grant to support DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development during the 2009-2010 academic year
    • Participation at the “The Environment as Strategy Conference” with the Dr Enric Aguilar Anfrons's paper (PDF)
  • Collaborations in Barcelona with the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia
  • Collaborations in Barcelona with the Meeting of the Strategic Plan for Tourism
  • Ending of the Sustainable development book by Òscar Saladié and Josep Oliveras

Year 2008

  • March: “Sustainable Chemistry Conference” organized by the URV Faculty of Chemistry with the sponsorship of the DOW/URV Chair and the collaboration of the professor Luis Oro, (2007 National Award of Chemical Science and Technology)
  • May: “Conflicts over the Water: Models, Criticism and Values” at the Aula Magna of the URV Faculty of Arts with the collaboration of the Department of Anthropology, Philosophy and Social Work
  • June: “Scientific Meeting of the Vives Network of Catalan Universities Agents” at the Terres de l’Ebre Campus, to talk about “Water Sources in Our Territory”
  • July: Course “Innovation and Sustainability” in the URV Summer University
  • October:
    • Course “Equity and Sustainability: Current Perspectives” in collaboration with the Institute of Education Sciences (ICE) and the DOW/URV Chair with the collaboration of APQUA (Learning about Chemicals, their Uses and Applications)
    • Practical presentation of the DOW/URV Chair module “Equity and Sustainability” and conference of Mr. Frederic Ximeno, General Director of Environmental Politics and Sustainability of Generalitat of Catalonia
  • November:
    • Participation at the “I National Congress of Spanish Chairs” in Valencia
    • “FORUMED Conference” at Roda de Barà about “Sustainability in Coastal Spaces”
    • “Education for Sustainability in Secondary School” organized by the Association of Doctors and Graduates (Delegation of Tarragona) together with the DOW/URV Chair and APQUA, and held in the Auditory Theatre of Salou
  • November - December: “Conferences and Workshops about Human Rights and Sustainable Development” organized by the DOW/URV Chair and the Libraries Network of the Camp of Tarragona of the System of Public Reading of Catalonia
  • December: “Conference about the Biofuels Sustainability” organized by the DOW/URV Chair and the ETSEQ (School of Chemical Engineering) and held in Graus Hall of the ETSEQ 

Year 2007

  • January:
    • “Conference about Environmental Impact and Sustainability; Strategic Environmental Evaluation of Plans and Programmes” held in the Faculty of Law
    • Participation and collaboration in the organization of the “II Congress about Rivers and Wetlands Restoration” of the Foundation New Water Culture
  • February: Participation at the “Water Forum” organized by the Tarragona Province Council at the Tarragona Congress Centre
  • March: “Sustainable Chemistry: The SUSCHEM Platform and the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union” in collaboration with the ETSEQ
  • April: Debate in Cambrils about energy problems
  • May:
    • “Conference about Territory and Sustainability” at the Cunit town hall
    • “Conferences about Economics and Sustainable Development” at the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics
    • Participation in the “Debate about the Energy Sources” in the Businessmen Forum of PIMEC (Small and Medium Firms) at the Reus Congress Centre
  • June: “Is it possible a sustainable world?” in the Course of the URV Summer University
  • September:
    • Conference “Transportation and sustainability in the Camp de Tarragona” in the “Conference about Transport and Mobility” organized by Association of Architects of Catalunya
    • Collaboration in the URV Summer University URV-UETE course “Present and Future of the Climate Change” in Tortosa
  • October: “Conferences of Sustainability and Health” organized by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Reus Congress Centre
  • December: “XII Congress of the Spanish Association of Tourism Scientific Experts (AECIT) dedicated to the Knowledge, Creativity and Technology for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism” held at the University School of Tourism and Leisure of Vila-seca

Year 2006

  • April: “Conference about Risks Prevention” at the ETSEQ
  • June: Course “Development and Sustainability; Two Compatible Worlds” of the URV Summer University
  • July:
    • Participation in the “Conference of the IMPULSE Programme of the European Union” that was about the application of microtechnology in chemical processes and in which ETSEQ and other European universities participated
    • Inaugural lesson of the URV Summer University of Ebre Lands “The Sustainability, a Magic Word to Maintain the Earth Alive”
  • August: Participation at the August Trade Fairs of Valls in the “Conference about the Agrarian Space and the Territory Arrangement”
  • October:
    • Participation in the “URV Courses Courses for the Elder” in Tarragona about Sustainable Development
    • “Conference FORUMED-2006 about Sustainable Politics and Practices in Tourism” held in Calafell
  • November:
    • Monitoring Commission of the DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development
    • “I Conference of Technologies for the Sustainability” organized by ICAEN (Catalan Institute of Energy) and ETSEQ
  • December: Beginning of the “Equity and Sustainability Programme” development 

Year 2005

  • November: Presentation of the DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development