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Presentation of the exhibition "L'aigua que treu la fam"

The Centre for Development Cooperation "URV Solidaria" and the URV-DOW Chair of Sustainable Development, as part of the events carried out to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of our university, present the exhibition "L’aigua que treu la fam", which main objective is to evident the importance of carrying out sustainable management of water as part of the necessary skills to ensure the productivity of land, both urban and rural level, in different scales (local, regional, etc..) and its importance in reducing vulnerability to climatic and environmental threats faced by communities.

This exhibition has been given by the UPC UNESCO Chair of Sustainability, it has been exhibited during seven months at the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia.

The opening will take place the 3rd of May, 18 hours, at the lobby ETSE / ETSEQ, the curator, Dr. Jorge Morato will explain the content of the exhibition. Also, we will count with the intervention of Dr. Enrique Aguilar, director of the DOW-URV Chair of Sustainable Development.