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DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development - Workshop of Ethica game

On Monday March 11, 2013 took place at the Catalunya Campus URV a workshop on ethical finance, for educators, facilitators, teachers and public.

Ethica is a board game, role-playing and simulations, designed to promote and stimulate learning about ethical finance them. It can play the role of banker or family, and game development encourages reflection and discussion among participants on ethical finances

It was a workshop for anyone interested in exploring the role of money in the development of a more just and more sustainable world. More than a dozen participants learned to use this fun, educational and innovative tool and be trained as facilitators who may hold their own game sessions.

What did you learn?

- Streamline Ethica session with youth groups or adults.

-Promote and coordinate the debate over economic decisions and how they affect people and the planet.
-Apply group dynamic techniques to stimulate learning about money and the impact of investments and savings.
-Learn teaching resources (videos, games, multimedia) to integrate ethical finance your education programs.
-Connect with other professionals promoting the social economy.

This workshop for facilitators was organized by BARCELONYA and DOW / URV Chair of Sustainable Development.

More information : http://ethica.co/ca/formacio or (PDF)