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Conferences by Dr.Òscar Saladié in Fontscaldes and la Palma d'Ebre

On Friday, August 2, Dr. Òscar Saladié, director of the DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development, held two conferences. The first in Fontscaldes (Alt Camp) at seven p.m. and the second in la Palma d'Ebre (Ribera d'Ebre) at half past ten p.m..

The title of the first conference was "The impacts of climate change on agriculture", was made in the context of the Fontscaldes festival and invited by the Agricultural Cooperative.

The second conference was held inside the Romanesque church of la Palma d'Ebre in the framework of the "Cylce of Xerrades a la fresca", who for 13 year organized by the Cultural Association l'Espona, in this town of Ribera d'Ebre. The title of the conference was, "Let us make our development more sustainable: the management of househol waste".