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Nanotecnologic Platform CATSUD-URV

The CATSUD URV Technological Platform is an innovative and cutting-edge project. Its mission is to provide professionals and the scientific community with the most advanced nanometric infrastructures. The aim is to get two new high resolution electron microscopes, which will be integrated into the Microscopy and Nanometric Techniques Section, where there is other equipment working on the same scale, such as atomic force microscopes and those used for nanofabrication in the Clean Room. All this will create a powerful platform for research and analysis on a nano and subnanometric scale.

The platform has qualified and experienced professionals to offer advice, solutions and responses to the problems.

This project is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union in the framework of the ERDF Operational Program of Catalonia 2014-2020 with a grant of € 1,299,000


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