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Prieto Simón, Beatriz

Prieto Simón, Beatriz 

Dr Beatriz Prieto-Simon is a Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow whose research in the multidisciplinary domain of bio-inspired nanotechnologies covers the design, micro- and nanofabrication and surface chemistry of emerging nanostructures, to integrate them in fit-for-purpose diagnostic devices. She is conducting research on Si-based nanotechnologies, such as the fabrication of arrays of parallel double-layered nanochannels with site-specifically displayed receptors, and tunable electrochemical features. Her key research interest lies in unveiling fundamental advances on synergies at the interface of nanostructured materials (multilayered porous structures) and biological processes to lay the foundation to build smart platforms based on principles found in nature, aiming to strengthen their scientific and societal impact.

Project: Rapid and cost-effective diagnostic tools to fight viral outbreaks

Reference: 2020MFP-COFUND-14



Departament d’Enginyeria Electrònica, Elèctrica i Automàtica